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    Rainham has a small shopping area, including the Rainham Shopping Centre precinct, with a few major shops. These include a Tesco Metro, Iceland, Boots and Wilkinsons. There is a record store called MagicDiscs and a bakery called Goldings Bakery Ltd. The precinct has two different Lloyds Pharmacy chemists, and various dining places including a cafe called Bunkers. Other shops include Blockbuster and two different Sense charity shops (A standard and a large one). When the centre opened, there was a major branch of Lavells Newsagents. This became a branch of Bart in the late 80s and now trades as Iceland Frozen Foods. There is a smaller shopping precinct in Parkwood. Parkwood shopping centre has a few shops including The Co-Operative Food, Martin's the Newsagent, a chip shop, a pharmacy, a veterinary and a wine store. The town also has a library as well as several parks and a public swimming pool. This swimming pool is called Splashes and is near Cozenton Park and Rainham Mark Grammar School.

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